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About The Dance Centre

Located in Rocky River, Ohio, The Dance Centre has been a leader in dance education in Northeast Ohio for more than 3 decades. TDC offers a variety of dance classes for all ages as well as programming that inspires and empowers students to reach their full potential in and outside of the studio.

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Why The Dance Centre?

Through dance, we seek to cultivate long term development of character, wellness, and healthy athleticism through quality, professional dance education in a supportive and positive environment. We value versatility in dance training and believe strongly in age-appropriate instruction and choreography. Our goal is for TDC students to grow not only as dancers, but as leaders in our community.

Our priority is to provide quality dance education through organized management and a faculty with extensive performance and teaching experience. We pride ourselves on having a unique group of teachers who are genuinely concerned for our students' well-being, helping them to achieve their goals and impacting them well beyond their time at TDC.

We foster a strong team bond within our classes and performance groups, teaching our students to be team players. We take pride in the positive and supportive studio culture that our TDC parents, students, and faculty work hard to uphold.

We have “serious fun” while teaching our students work ethic and integrity! We set high, yet attainable goals for our students and help them gain the confidence and courage to achieve goals both in and outside of the studio. Our goal is for our students to become leaders in our community.

Our students are involved in philanthropic activities that serve those in need in our community. Giving back is a value we aim to instill in all of our students, and many have experienced the profound impact of using the gift of dance to lift up others and strengthen our community.

We believe in a holistic approach to our students' development in dance that involves an emphasis on versatile dance training in many different styles. We encourage our dancers to cross-train and step out of their comfort zone to try a new style.





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What Dancers & Parents

Are Saying About TDC

"The life lessons and discipline I learned while training at TDC reflect majorly on the person I am today. I learned what it meant to work hard. I learned the importance of working on a team and having to sacrifice little things along the way to reach an end goal. Some of my closest friends in the world came from my years on Company. People I can't imagine my life without!"


TDC Alumna '15

"My daughter has danced at TDC since she was 4 yo and her growth -- both physically and mentally has been remarkable. The amazing instructors ensure that they are not only teaching technique, but also discipline, respect, self-confidence and teamwork -- all things that go very far OUTSIDE of the dance studio. Most of all, they bring so much joy and fun to each class..."


TDC Parent

"Our daughter, Olivia has been dancing at The Dance Centre for 7 years. She's learned so much, not only in the many genres of dance but also confidence, compassion, and a strong work ethic. The teachers really care and teach the importance of unity, hard work and dedication. You can tell when you see the dancers perform! We look forward to it every year. TDC is simply the best!"


TDC Parent

TDC Is A Proud Affiliate of

Girls Geared For Greatness

A nationally recognized program that prepares girls of today with the tools they need to achieve and believe that anything is possible for the betterment of their future.

Girls Geared For Greatness is designed to empower and inspire girls ages 7-18 through meaningful and unique training and development opportunities, workshops, and seminars.

It's not just for dancers! We welcome any and all girls in our community to benefit from this programming.

Girls Geared For Greatness

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About TDC

For over three decades, The Dance Centre has provided the highest quality dance education, impacting thousands of students in Northeast Ohio. Through top-notch & age-appropriate instruction, a supportive and positive community, and versatile programming, TDC cultivates long term development of character and wellness that encourages dancers to grow in discipline, self-motivation, leadership, teamwork, and confidence!

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