Girls Geared For Greatness

The Future Starts Now!

TDC is a proud affiliate of Girls Geared For Greatness, a nationally recognized program that prepares girls of today with the tools they need to achieve and believe that anything is possible for the betterment of their future.

Girls Geared For Greatness is designed to empower and inspire girls ages 7-18 through meaningful and unique training and development opportunities, workshops, and seminars.

  • Founded in 2018 by Chasta Hamilton, Girls Geared For Greatness was created as an action-oriented response to shifting societal trends.

  • After shifting our focus away from the competitive dance industry, TDC recognized the need to enhance its programming with training opportunities that were inclusive of character development and leadership skills.

  • The program creates conversation around relevant topics that empower girls to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

  • The messaging transcends the dance industry, and it is the intent of the organization to make sure all girls, parents, teachers, and stakeholders are able to benefit from the conversations and programming.

It's not just for dancers!

We welcome any and all girls in our community to benefit from this programming.

Girls Geared For Greatness

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About TDC

For over three decades, The Dance Centre has provided the highest quality dance education, impacting thousands of students in Northeast Ohio. Through top-notch & age-appropriate instruction, a supportive and positive community, and versatile programming, TDC cultivates long term development of character and wellness that encourages dancers to grow in discipline, self-motivation, leadership, teamwork, and confidence!

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