Club TDC

Club TDC provides rewarding performance and training opportunities for students who want to take their dancing

to the next level

Club TDC Teams:

  • Originals & Fly Girlz: Beginner-Advanced Hip Hop and Jazz Performance Groups

  • Gravity: Advanced Contemporary/Jazz Performance Group

  • Star Girlz: Advanced Beginner Contemporary Performance Group

  • Junior & Senior Ballet Ensembles: Beginner-Advanced Ballet Performance Groups

Why Join Club TDC ?

Our Club program aims to educate dancers to strive for their personal best in anything they want to accomplish. We achieve our goals for the program by offering dancers the opportunity to:

  • Gain a sense of balance in life by managing commitments to both dance and academics

  • Accelerate your dance training through additional performance and training opportunities

  • Learn to work on a team towards a common goal and be a part of a supportive and positive community

  • Gain confidence and leadership skills through Girls Geared for Greatness programming

  • Work with teachers and mentors who are focused on the students’ success inside and outside the classroom

  • Be a part of giving back to the community and experiencing the value of philanthropy

  • Discover the results of hard work and determination

  • Develop a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts

Club TDC

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National Dance Day 2021

Club TDC

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Joyful Joyful

Watch Us Perform!

Monsters of Hip Hop- Nashville, TN

February 11, 2023

Hollywood Dance Jamz- Lawrenceburg, IN

February 25, 2023

Club TDC Spring Benefit Show

April 22, 2023

Season Finale Performances

June 14 & 15, 2023

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About TDC

For over three decades, The Dance Centre has provided the highest quality dance education, impacting thousands of students in Northeast Ohio. Through top-notch & age-appropriate instruction, a supportive and positive community, and versatile programming, TDC cultivates long term development of character and wellness that encourages dancers to grow in discipline, self-motivation, leadership, teamwork, and confidence!

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